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Focus on the Family

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Ditch The space is a site that is geared towards everyone and anyone. While we have focused a lot on college students and the young twenty something’s we want you to know we are here for everyone’s use. So with that said, today we are changing it up and focusing on the family.

Families, aw that word has so much behind it. For some of us we smile and for others of us we cringe. Whatever feelings arise you still know what a family looks like.

My family and I are from Orange County, CA. I grew up with a swimming pool, backyard, and I got to play outside basically every single day (The benefits of no winter). Moving here was definitely rough at times, but I have figured out how to manage. Here in New York City pools and big backyards don’t exist. Families across American look so different, to each their own.

However, If that last part got you thinking, wishing, and hoping about more space then maybe it is time to switch it up. Maybe it is time to move out of the city and into Brooklyn, Queens, Jersey, Connecticut, you name it! If you are truly ready then take the first step and head on over to DitchTheSpace.com. If you are just toying with the idea still head on over to ditchthespace.com and be inspired! Let us help you find your new gain and or inspire you. Don’t feel bad about ditching your NYC Apartment. Look at your ditch as helping someone else find their new gain. “Your Ditch is Their Gain”. Forget dreading ditching your apartment and focus on what could be. Think about all the wonderful memories that are going to be made in your new place. The move will be well worth your while! And hey, once you realize the value of much more room for you and your wonderful family maybe, just maybe the extra space will entice you to add another little one to your gang.

Photo Taken By Lindsay Long