Frequently Asked Questions

What is this site basically for?

DITCHTHESPACE® is a platform that connects those looking to exit their lease early with those that are looking to take over a short term lease of 30 days or more. You can browse the site to find residential and commercial spaces for rent on a direct basis or on the basis of an assignment or sublet. You can list your space on to lease, assign or sublease, or search for a space to move into.

What makes DITCHTHESPACE® different? offers more than a typical apartment rental website - we facilitate listings for sublets and assignments. This makes getting out of your space early easier. If you are searching for a space, enjoy a selection of unique listings not found anywhere else. Many of our listings feature incentives like a free month of rent, or furniture included. This helps you get more out of your rental, or offer perks to prospective renters

Why do people "ditch" their spaces? Why would I want in?

There are various reasons to try and get out of a space before the lease is up. An abrupt change in one's life could prompt the need for a different location, a bigger space, or a less expensive space. Sometimes spaces that are listed for sublet are at a discount, have furniture, or other incentives to make them more attractive. Similarly, many units on are unique, in that they are listed nowhere else. This gives you a shot at a "ditched" space that others may not know about.

Can I list my space for free?

Listing your space on is free! We offer perks and add-ons at checkout to make your listing stand out, but you are not required to purchase any of these. No strings attached.

Can I find a space for free?

Yes, is always free for the party seeking to find a space.

How do I go about ditching my space?

Once you decide to use the platform to ditch your space, go ahead and create an account on the website. Once you create an account, click on the Ditch My Space link, and you will be guided to our online form that will ask questions about the space you want to ditch. As part of the process, you will be asked to provide quality pictures to maximize interest in your space. You will also have an option to have a featured listing, which could help you ditch your space faster. Upon completion of the online form and checkout, your space will be published on our site and available for users to view.

How do I go about finding space?

Once you decide to use to find a space, go ahead and create an account on the website. Once you create an account, choose between the residential or commercial options, based on your needs. You will then have various options as to how to search, including an advanced search tool to help you filter spaces that meet your requirements. Once you find listings that interest you, press the “contact me about my space” box underneath such listings. Both the ditcher and the seeker will then each be given the other party’s contact information.

What types of spaces can I list? is great for residential spaces like apartments and houses, but we also have a commercial section. We encourage users to list offices, retail spaces, and even restaurants and kitchens. If you can rent it, you can ditch it!

Do I need my landlord's consent to ditch my space?

Most leases, whether residential or commercial, require the landlord’s consent before you can sublet your space or assign your lease. Therefore, please check the terms of your lease before finalizing any arrangement.

Will my landlord allow me to ditch my space?

The first step is to review your lease to determine what right you have to ditch your space. is especially useful for ditching residential spaces; however, your lease may specify the terms and requirements to sublet your apartment and/or assign your lease to another tenant.

Is ditching my commercial space similar to ditching my residential space?

While the general process may be similar, a commercial lease will probably be more heavily negotiated, and therefore, there may be additional factors to consider before ditching your commercial space. For example, landlords may only permit a very specific use (e.g., not any retail store, but an “upscale clothing store”) and the financial health of the proposed subtenant or assignee may be more heavily scrutinized by the landlord since the financial obligations of a commercial lease are generally greater than those of a typical residential lease. Therefore, it’s important to review your lease, and especially the assignment and sublet sections, to understand your options and what your landlord will want to review so that he/she can make a determination of whether to approve the proposed assignment or sublease.

What is Subletting?

When you sublet an apartment, you leave the space, and a new tenant (determined by you and possibly your landlord) moves in, but the lease remains in your name and you are still responsible for paying rent to the landlord and upholding the terms of the lease. You, in turn, collect rent from the new tenant.

What is assignment?

When you assign a lease, you leave the space, and a new tenant (determined by you and possibly your landlord) moves in AND takes over the lease for remainder of the term of the lease. This means that once the assignment occurs, the new tenant is responsible for paying the rent directly to the landlord. However, the landlord may require that you remain responsible for the obligations under the terms of the lease if the new tenant fails to comply with its terms. Some landlords are willing to release the original tenant upon the occurrence of the assignment if they are satisfied with the new tenant, so it’s worth asking the landlord if he/she is willing to release you.

What happens to my security deposit if I assign or sublet?

In the case of a sublet, your security deposit will remain with the landlord until the end of the term. Provided that you and your subtenant comply with the terms of the lease, including making all required payments and returning the space back to the landlord in the required condition, the security deposit should be refunded to you. In the case of an assignment, any security deposit that landlord is holding pursuant to the lease will be assigned to the new tenant. Therefore, as part of any assignment, you should have the new tenant pay for the amount equal to any security deposit held by the landlord. Provided that the new tenant complies with the terms of the lease, including making all required payments and returning the space back to the landlord in the required condition, the security deposit should be refunded to the new tenant.

How are utility payments handled if I assign or sublet?

The new tenant is generally responsible for all utility payments that are incurred after the assignment or sublet takes places. If any utility payments are paid directly to the utility provider, you should close out such accounts or transfer them directly to the new tenant. If any utility payments are prepaid to the landlord (for example, when monthly rent is due), and are attributable to any period after the occurrence of the assignment or sublet, you should receive a credit from the new tenant for such period.

What is the next step after finding a space or tenant? will assist both parties in exchanging contact information. The next step will be for the parties to connect and come to an agreement in writing.

Will assist me in the subletting or assigning process?

No, we do not provide any legal services pertaining to apartment rental. We assist strictly in connecting ditchers and inquirers. Connecting on ensures that you will only deal with serious inquiries, and that once connected, your subletting or assigning process will be a smooth one.

How do I upload a video for my space?

Videos can be added to your listing with an embed code from Youtube. For a detailed explanation of how to do this, click here.

Will arrange for any payment through email or outside of the website?

No. All legitimate payments take place through the website. does not communicate with consumers nor collect any payments except through our communications platform and secure payment processing via PayPal. Our contact information can be found at Any other contact information, including [email protected], is NOT affiliated with’s business. If you are contacted by anyone who requests a payment in any manner other than as provided on the website, please immediately report such contact to [email protected] and cease all communication with the sender.