Saving Money by Renting a Sublet in NYC

Luxury Upper Manhattan ApartmentNew York City is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in. There is, however, a way to get deals on residential spaces. Sublets. Subletting can offer certain perks that traditional leases don’t.

  • Furniture included.
  • Negotiation on price and terms.
  • Cheaper monthly rent.

Renters can potentially get an incredible deal by subletting. Sublets usually have lower monthly costs, because the rate was set months ago and hasn’t been affected by inflation or lack of supply, both of which lead to rapidly rising rental rates.

Where is the demand coming from?

  • Corporate employees who are moving to NYC temporarily.
  • College students moving to NYC for internships.
  • Recent college graduates just starting out in NYC.

Who is looking to unload their space?

  • Local NYC families that have outgrown their space and need to move.
  • Professionals who are being transferred out of NYC for their job.
  • Recent college graduates who are leaving NYC for a job.
  • College students who are going home for the summer.

If you want to shop smart, you should definitely consider sublets!

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