Sun Drenched Office Space with Massive Skylight

$9750/mo 5 months left! Lease ends: 12/1/2022 , Sublet, Commercial Details: Our space is located on the top floor of a five-floor retail building on Fifth avenue in just a few blocks from Union Square. The space contains four private rooms fit with five foot wide desks. Our conference room in the back of the office also has an 8-foot conference table and chairs, perfect for larger meetings. The main workspace is an open plan situated perfectly under a 25-foot skylight. Starting June 1 at the earliest. Amenities: full kitchen with refrigerator, sink, dish washer, passenger AND freight elevator, Air conditioning, 25-foot skylight , 23 desks in the space that can be rearranged however you prefer, 8 desktop Macs that can be used, all of which are 2021 models or newer, 18 21'' Acer monitors that can be connected to any computer, soundproof recording booth equipped with Protools, property manager on site, direct roof access