Flexible, Furnished, Wired Manhattan Office Sublease (

$1000/mo 49 months left! Lease ends: 8/31/2025 Midtown, NY Sublet, Commercial Details: Wonderful space for a minimum team of 2 people & up to 24 people that want share. Desks are available at two banks of desk that each sit 10 people. Price: $600/desk per month with. We will reduced the price per desk per month if you rent at least 10 desks. We also have a private, semi-divided windowed office with 2 desks price: $750/seat per month, a private, windowed office with one desk priced at $1500/seat/ month and a smaller, non-windowed office priced at $100/seat per month. Incentive: 25% Off 1st month Amenities: Optional amenities:, • 1 private office, storage room, or conference room, • 1 shared executive office (dividing wall), • Shared use of printers and photo copier, • Shared use of large conference room and two "talkpods",