Tips for Living the Dream in NYC

Finding an apartment in New York City can be just as challenging & exciting as graduating college! Endless paperwork, flights of stairs, and fees? Do not be discouraged. This is only a sliver of what you are going to experience in the city that never sleeps. Ditch The Space is dedicated to connecting available spaces to financially responsible renters. We are the future of seamless subletting and renting.

Here are some tips for living the dream in New York City, from a chronic renter.

  • Communicate like an adult, call for details, email to confirm.
  • Be patient, and tough, & ask for what you want, New York is full of Type A’s; not psychics
  • Except in Little Italy because there, you will find many psychics.
  • Small doesn’t mean bad, all the best restaurants, music venues, and grocers are compact and convenient ..with the exception of espresso lattes and shiny buildings, many things here are small, efficient, and great!
  • People schedule play dates for their kids & dogs, don’t be shy! Meet your neighbors.
  • It is safer to discuss politics rather than Yankees VS Mets.
  • Do laundry, often! Nothing is worse than lugging 50 lbs of clothing up 4 flights of stairs to your apartment, in a classic pre-war townhouse with no doorman.
  • In addition to paying for groceries, and paying for them to be delivered, the young man delivering them will expect a tip.
  • Be aware. If you have the time, walk! Avoid the subways at rush hour and accept the fact that it will take you an hour to do almost any errand in the Big Apple!

You will spend as much time planning a vacation out of here as you will thanking the heavens that you don’t reside anywhere else. There is a deep sense of peace that comes from knowing your place in the world. Though it may be small, like a studio in Midtown, it is entirely your own. Here is a not so small rental available for assignment for about 8 more months. Click on the pictures below for the full listing & details!