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Rest and Relaxation

Rest and Relaxation, it is truly needed to revive ourselves. We work hard but if it’s all for nothing if we don’t give ourselves space to just be.

This last week I headed back home, to Southern California, for some R&R time. It was just what I needed to feel refreshed and come back to the real world with a new sense of newly founded optimism. Oh, how wonderful my rest time was. I took time to fixate my eyes on the beautiful beaches and I just sat. I sat thinking about all the unimportant things, and let me tell you it was great!

We all need moments like these, moments where we allow the everyday stresses to be put to rest, just for a while. We need to enjoy life and enjoy the sights around us. So go, be, and enjoy the rest you deserve.

Don’t worry DitchTheSpace will be around when you get back. We will be by your side when you get back from time away and realize that you need to ditch your space and find a new place that will continue making you feel alive, just like that R&R time did.

So my friends go be free for a week or weekend and remember Rest and Relaxation is the perfect recipe for rejuvenation!

Here are some soothing sounds to calm you over for the next couple of hours in the event you are interested. Recharge your batteries and enjoy life!