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Summer Dreaming… And Crucial Planning

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 College students lets think about summer.  Lets get lost in the thoughts about summer: oh, the splashes to be had in lakes, rivers, and oceans, the tans from the radiant sun, the hometown friends to catch up with, late night adventures, and all those other endless memories filled with pure goodness. Now that that’s out of the way lets talk about your space!

You might be wondering: What do I do with the empty room that I am ditching behind at school? The answer is simple: sublet it. DitchTheSpace.com is a reliable source for subletting. This summer enjoy a bit more cash in your pocket by deciding to sublet your space.  Enjoy days filled with sleep, rest, and rejuvenation from a long and torturous semester. You deserve some extra cash this summer after all that work you put into school!

Don’t let the hassle and stress of school get in the way of planning ahead. Procrastination might be your strong suit but planning can be your moneymaker. So signup with DitchTheSpace and sublet your space with us this summer! After that sit back and relax because summer is almost yours!

Lastly, let’s share some summer stories!! Go ahead now, don’t be shy!



(Photo copyrights: Elizabeth Holmberg)