Summer travel: But first sublet your space!

Sublet your space with us this summer and travel! Travel now because the value of the Dollar is stronger than ever! It is time to explore European countries and get more bang for your buck. However, as we know and have experienced it is not that simple. In fact, it is much more complicated than that. The truth is logistics come into play. We must think about bills and figure out how it is possible to travel and still pay rent, not to mention rent!!! Did I mention paying rent? Sadly it is hard to travel and pay rent without stressing over finances.

There are many options to avoid this inevitable headache like planning and saving for years, but why? Why don’t you allow your wanderlust soul to take root and go this summer, why wait! Go to the places you have imagined and day dreamed about while at your 9 to 5 job! Let’s stop for one moment and just imagine. Imagine those places, those smells, and that tan that will add a fine color of soul refreshment to your tone.

I know we here at Ditch The Space, have dreamed about a get away to Paris or even a long stay in Monaco. Can you see it now? We sure can!

image           image

(Paris)                                                              (Monaco)

This summer it is time to stop getting in the way of adventure! Go adventure and wander, but before that let us help you. Let us help you eliminate that headache of having to worry about rent on top of travel costs!

So Travel now but first head over to to sublet your space. Think how much more fun and stressful free it will be to make money from your unused space? All you have to do is upload your space, on, that you’re going to ditch this summer. Your ditch will be someone else’s gain and ultimately that space will help another traveler chase after an adventurous summer and not to mention help you expand your own travel budget.



(Photo copyrights: Elizabeth Holmberg)