Spring Time Sublets… Maybe Williamsburg? Anyone?


One of our favorite things about spring is the joy that it brings to New York. It is soul fueling for every New Yorker that just survived that long and brutal winter. New York is a place where you go to find adventure and chase after experiences; we would be lying if we said seasons didn’t add to our cities je ne sais quoi. The reason being is that different seasons make different areas of the city more intriguing and for us in spring that is Williamsburg. Don’t we all just love the artsy souls that seem to congregate there? This is our go to place for subletting in spring because Williamsburg offers so much to its people. They have everything from fabulous food, arcade bars to outdoor flea market. One of our favorite flea markets is Smorgasburg (http://www.smorgasburg.com) it is by far one of our favorites because it takes place outdoors and the community of local vendors and artist that come together to hang out and embrace the local businesses. Since it takes place outside it sadly must close every year for winter and all winter long we anticipate it’s fourth coming once again. Alongside flea market fabulousness, Williamsburg has affordable boutiques and secret rooftop gems, which offers spectacular views of the city.(Hint.. Hint.. Above Urban Outfitters) Not to mention it is close to the Brooklyn Botanical gardens, which are a must see in spring. The cherry blossoms alone will put a smile on your face and you will begin to wonder if winter was actually just a bad nightmare.

Why don’t you just spring on over to Williamsburg, but first you spring on over to Ditchthespace.com and find your next gain so that you can be springing into a new place, maybe conveniently located in the heart of Williamsburg? Currently we have places that offer residency for as little as 1 month or as long as two years. Happy spring my fellow friends! Now go spring into action!!

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