Say goodbye to moving trucks!

Ditch The Space loves helping people find great rentals, but like anyone in New York City, we dread the “will you help me move” phone call. Whether in your 2 door pick up truck or a 16′ box truck (which you paid $240 dollars to borrow for 4 hours), moving furniture can be exhausting, time consuming, and expensive!

fully furnished

NYC is notorious for convenient perks not found anywhere else. Consider Ditch The Space an added perk. We exclusively encourage furnished listings. If you have ever helped a friend move, you understand the convenience of renting a furnished space.

Finding & renting a place in general can be time consuming but nothing tops the stress of MOVE IN DAY! The movers scratched your favorite painting, your mom dropped the box with your favorite wine glasses, you may have even forgotten to take your flat screen off the wall in the midst of all the excitement! To avoid the intensity of moving all your belongings, why not consider renting a furnished space?

Midtown South

fully furnished midtown

Upper West Side

UWS fully furnished