Pet Friendly Manhattan

Pet owners everywhere have been going to great lengths, for many years to get approved in new condo’s and apartments. To make life easier, Ditch The Space has many listings that are pet friendly, we even provide a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ option on the listing! The inspiration for this post was meeting a Dalmatian in a gypsy cab this morning, yes the dog was in the cab with me.

2014 is in full swing, people all over NYC are adjusting and making arrangements for this somewhat new infatuation with puppies! It seems on every corner in Brooklyn there is a dog friendly something, or other, including pet taxi’s. While this is exciting, are we forgetting the difficulties of having a dog in the city? Delicate paws on hot, summertime pavement, barking at the neighbors every move, dog hair on your pea coat before a meeting (thanks Montana, the lovable taxi-dog I mentioned earlier) and of course, cleaning up after them! Pet friendly Manhattan is on the rise. The traditional “pet deposit” is losing steam. More and more buildings, property owners, real estate agents and landlords are going pet friendly! Need to ditch your pet friendly space? Click here and don’t forget to select ‘Yes’ on the pets allowed tab!

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Stressing out about bringing your dog into the big city? Need to smooth it over with the neighbors? Socialize! Introduce him/her to the neighbors. As long as your dog is friendly enough and trained for this type of interaction, your neighbors will most likely love your best friend, too! A neighborly gesture goes a long way in the ever blatant, not-knowing-your-neighbors city we live in. I have a large dog and I find comfort in letting new neighbors know we have extra security on our floor.

What to do when you’re finally settled? Get familiar with your neighborhood. Ditch The Space’s favorite, pet friendly parks include Central Park, with over 20 on and off leash play areas, and The East River Esplanade Dog Run, found on The East River at E. 63rd Street. Sign up for the Central Park Conservancy Paws newsletter for more dog related news!

Brooklyn is way ahead of the game, offering hotels, restaurants, parks, and luxury buildings that are all pet friendly! Manhattan got the memo and is following suit to the new, hip, pet parent trend.

The perfect window sill for a kitten!

Pets Allowed

Upper East Side one bedroom

Liberty Green $6000 per month