Park Slope, officially the most livable ‘hood in New York

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A hand picked list of the best neighborhoods for new New Yorkers!

1. Brooklyn’s lovely Park Slope
-Ranked “Most Livable” neighborhood by New York Magazine.
-Affordable & diverse, whether you are a family man or a single gal in the city. Park Slope has become a favorite for new New Yorkers.

2. The East Village
-If you don’t mind living where you play, this is the neighborhood for you. Relish the fact that you can live within walking distance to your favorite bars and restaurants.
-Fun Ditch The Space fact; The village has the highest concentration of bars in the city. And happens to be near NYU, the perfect place for college students and young professionals.

3. TriBeCa
-Boasting one of the lowest crime rates in the city!
-Easy access to public transportation. This neighborhood is perfect if you frequent the subway or are “out in the field” for work.

4. Riverdale, The Bronx
-Avoid the hustle and bustle of midtown and escape just a few miles north!
-Proud owner of the most beautiful Victorian style homes.
-Surprisingly not as far as you think! 30 minutes to midtown Manhattan, sold!

5. Long Island City, Queens
-Queens has a bad reputation for giving hell to commuters, Ditch The Space is bringing the truth to light! This neighborhood is truly up and coming. The crime rates are lowering more every year which makes LIC an easy recommendation from any real estate agent. Basically, an extension of Manhattan, prices comparable.

6. DUMBO, Brooklyn wins!
-With Manhattan rent prices at an all time high, many are crossing the bridge for relief! Dumbo is up & coming, the rent may not always be cheaper, but the view? AMAZING. Known for its waterfront strip, this incredibly creative neighborhood holds some of the best art galleries!

Who almost made the cut?
-Chelsea, filled with celebrities and retail stores.
-Doorman central, the West Village. Greenwich street, between Christopher & Barrow is one of my favorite picturesque blocks in NYC. Have a look if you can while apartment hunting!