“If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.”

Bill Murray, Madonna, Tyra Banks, David Bowie, Mary J. Blige, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Drew Barrymore reside in the big apple. Why? Well for one, you can travel to any city in the world from our international airports. Not to mention the always “unimpressed” demeanor New Yorkers have built a reputation for. President Obama lived here in the 1980′s. As a city, we are famous too! NYC welcomes the A-list, sans asking for autographs.

Curbed NY published a story about four weeks ago quoting the median monthly rent in Manhattan at $3,100. As vacancy rates climb to historical statistics, it is no surprise that at the same time, celebrities are not affected or leaving their million dollar flats. We are almost into February and Manhattan rent is now reported to be stable. Brooklyn on the other hand continues to report rising prices on both commercial, and residential properties. Is the high price tag the only allure for stars?

Aside from five star entertainment, restaurants, and shopping; many stars live and work in our favorite neighborhoods!

On the East Side you might see; Samuel L. Jackson, Ricky Martin, and Uma Thurman

The West; Tiny Fey, Matt Damon, Carmelo Anthony and Calvin Klein

Celebrity spotting is a bit of sport on the streets of New York. While I do not suggest studying the face of every 5’10″ blonde hoping that she is Kate Moss, look around! Downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn are notorious for catching superstars acting like everyday people. Anne Hathaway was recently spotted buying her vitamins at Bridge Apothecary on Jay Street in Brooklyn. Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys & Swizz Beats, Beyonce & Jay Z, Tommy Hilfiger, and Lady Gaga are all proud homeowners in the most sought after neighborhoods of TriBeCa and Chelsea. Brooklyn gets an honorable mention, Boardwalk Empire’s Steve Buscemi lives in Park Slope.

Ditch The Space recommends, My City, My New York written by Jeryl Brunner, she is a lifelong New Yorker and a journalist who specializes in celebrities and lifestyle. A great read for less than $20 on Amazon.

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