Ditch The Space: Reinventing The Exchange of Leases

      Welcome to Ditch the Space Blog. We wanted to give you a bit of a background as to who we are and why we do what we do. Enjoy!

Have you ever thought to ditch your space? Have you ever wanted to move and feared one of these three major headaches: Trying to get out of a lease contract, trying to find a tenant to unload your sublet to, or even the hassle of finding a new space? We know you have, because we have. This is the reason why we have created the company Ditch The Space.

Ditch the space in an online marketplace utilizing technology to reinvent the way people come together to exchange leases. In today’s ever rapidly changing society there are numerous reasons why one needs to ditch their space. Ditch the space is where ditchers and gainers come together to achieve this through the form of sublet or lease assignment in a fast, free, and easy way!!

Ditch the Space is founded on the principle that “Their Ditch is Your Gain” Our company brings in all types of ditchers and gainers, if you head on over to our site you will see all kinds of listings. The listings range from commercial to residential, with lease opportunities that vary from one month to two years.

Now Ditch the space is not just any site. We are different in the way that we encourage our ditchers to offer incentives, which makes the gaining process that much more enticing. Currently the incentives vary from a furnished apartment to the first months rent completely free. Can you say Bargain?

Today Ditch the space finds itself successfully grounded in the New York real-estate market, with a determination to expand to your city!! But enough about us!

We want to hear from you! We want to know how you currently find a new space or how you have ditched your place in the past?

Thank you for joining us for our first blog post! Continue to follow us so that we can share our knowledge, experiences, and ditches with you. While you’re waiting for our next post why don’t you head on over to our search section to check out all the amazing ditches currently available and just waiting for you! Enjoy!!

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